Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Answer to most ask question: Where do you find your furniture?

Answer: Here There and Younder ! I know that's not much of an answer so I will go further and explain. I am constantly on the look out for furniture to rehab. Mr. Fix It compairs me to that of a bloodhound snooping out pieces. Here would be just a few of the places I find my treasures.

I picked this set of for $30.00! Yes! You read it right! $30.00! I broke out in a sweat when the sweet lady said, "I'll take $30.00 dollars. $30.00 a piece. I was excited!!! NO! She meant $30.00 for both pieces. It was all I could do to hold my composure.


Dumps: Yes, Dumps
I saw this piece on top of a pile of  garbage that was about to be  haled off to a dump. (This one almost caused my daughter to disown me!)  Yes, it was a mess. But solid wood. Best of all Free!!! My favorite. Sanding and sanding and sanding some more. She became quiet a beauty. And just guess who became the new owner? The daughter that almost disowned me.

Word of Mouth:
Let your friends and family know that you are looking for pieces to refinish. Ask them to be on the lookout also. I received a message from a friend. She saw the dresser on a swap and shop page for $10.00. Of course this lady was making a quick call and off to pick it up with paint in my hair. A call from another friend alerted me to the set of ladder back chairs for $30.00. I'm racing off to a thrift store with bed head!!!

Thrift Stores:
I frequent so often, they know me by name. I often have them tell me they've got some nice stuff in and when they are putting it out. After all, I'm probably there best customer! My advice is frequent often. Some days I come home with nothing others I come home with a truck load.

Swap n Shop ( Or whatever its called in your area)
The dresser, top left, was listed in a swap and shop.  During my pick up, I ask if she might have any more items she would be interested in selling. (Doesn't hurt to ask)  I came home with an entire set. Once you purchase from someone, let them know what you are doing. I often have people that sold me one piece contact me with something else.

Craigs List:
My advice here, DO NOT, commit to buy sight unseen, and never ever pick up alone. Unfortunately there is some crazies out there. I bought this piece sight unseen, just a picture, which must have been an earlier one. Mr. Fix It had to completely rebuild it. It was in really bad shape and must have been stored in a barn. It sure smelled like it. Took me forever to get rid of the smell. After months cleaning and a lot of hard work, she did turn out a beauty.

Second Hand Stores:
I had my eye on this pretty set for a while. It was priced a little higher than I was willing to pay. I kept an eye on it, checking each time I went to see if it had sold. The day I walked in and saw it was half price. I really had to contain myself not to do the moon walk right in the middle of the store. (I was afraid Mr. Fix It might crawl underneath something.) if I did.

Where do you find your treasures?