Friday, September 7, 2012

A little vision, A lot of inspiration

The minute I saw this dusty piece that was being stored out of site, I knew I had to save it. I had a vision. With its exhausted finish and exhibited wear. It was a rendering candidate as one of my many projects.

My Inspiration: Beautiful fall colors! Those colors that you look at, an get the over all feeling that God, himself, just took out his paint brush.

I started the transformation of my vision with a good cleaning. Mr. Fix It then sanded the carvings and scratches from the top to exhibit a beautiful, colorful wood grain. Oh! I could never cover those beautiful colors. I gave them an ever so light pecan stain. Leaving the splendor of the colorful wood grain exposed. Sealed it with several coats of polycrylic for durability.

Being inspired by God's masterpiece, I chose Ce Ce Callwells, Cottonwood Sienna as my color. Adding to the one of a kind look, a pecan glaze. Other features include, bun feet and autumn green/ brown glass drawer pulls.

 As I began to paint, my thoughts were taken away to crisp mornings and cool afternoons. Mugs of warm apple cider, and the smell of  apple and pumpkin pie. To a time of the sound of the leaves, crunching underneath my footsteps.

Being so inspired, opened the eyes to my heart. I began to ponder on many of God's glorious masterpieces. The bright color of the sun, the blue of the Sky's. The gray of the clouds, the rainbow after the rains.

Can you tell? I really became excited about this piece. The style and the function lends itself well for use as a statement piece for an entryway, living room, den, or functional for a bedroom. Serves as a wonderful conversation piece. Before I knew it I was dragging it around to take photos.

This piece is now available for purchase. It's my hope that this piece will inspire you, and your hearts will be open to God's many masterpieces.

Thank you for reading this! Wishing all of you, many blessings! ~Deb.~