Saturday, October 27, 2012

What to do? Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

 Don't know about you, but I really sweat over how I'm going to finish a lot of  my projects. There are times when I see a piece, an know just how I want it. So often I start on them and they become something totally different than I imagined.

Take this piece for instance:

 It was going to be a low sheen black. What changed? I often tell people, I allow my furniture to speak to me.  While reaching for my paint, I moved the paint can, picked it up, and looked at it. Wah Lah! This was to be my color, Ce Ce Caldwell's Young Kansas Wheat. Was it the furniture that spoke to me? Hhmmm. Not sure this time. Maybe the color  spoke to me.

I decided to modernize it a bit with a faux wood grain on the top. The top was a rendering candidate for a well needed makeover. It's finished was exhausted, with many stains and water marks.
Once painted, her bottom half was just a little plain. I like my furniture to have that extra, WOW, something to make it pop. I decided to give it a wax glaze. I first gave it a coat of clear wax, then added a glaze made from Howard's walnut color paste wax.

Well next you will see how I went just a tad overboard. I decided to paint the door inserts a faux wood also... That was past WOW, way, way to busy. Good thing being, its just paint!

The next step was fix it. I was using chalk paint, the great thing about chalk paint is... no prep work. I just painted over it. Added a little extra walnut wax to the carvings instead. Now there ya go that's better. I wanted to keep the original pulls. Gave them a good cleaning and some paint.

Now for the end results... Sooo much better!   What inspires you?